THE heartbroken parents of a man stabbed to death in Trowbridge have called for a fresh investigation, claiming that ‘vital evidence’ was not put before a trial jury.

Emma and Anthony Taylor say it still pains them that a man was sentenced to ‘just’ 20 months in jail after the street fight in which their son, 25-year-old Jordan Taylor, died in Trowbridge last March.

Last September Hayden Maslen, 19, was found not guilty of murder, manslaughter, wounding with intent and unlawful wounding of Mr Taylor, but jailed after he admitted carrying a ‘bladed article’ during the brawl on Timbrell Street during which Mr Taylor suffered fatal stab wounds.

Now Mrs Taylor, of Drynham Lane, Trowbridge, says she has found ‘inconsistencies’ in the post mortem report and she has hired a solicitor to help her case.

The family want a new investigation, a judicial review or the case looked at in court again to find out exactly what happened.

“The decision broke our hearts. My family and I are still devastated - these scars will never heal,” said Mrs Taylor.

“Wiltshire Police messed this case up so now we want to have another force to look at this. Our solicitor is looking into what we can do going forward. We are concerned that the fact that there was no knife expert in the court, no 3D images of the wounds.”

Mrs Taylor spoke out after seeing a copy of the full post mortem report into the injuries sustained by Jordan.

The trial jury was told that in the post mortem Dr Russell Delaney said the depth of the wounds were between 9.5 and 13.5cms deep, puncturing his abdominal aorta, which then led to his death.

However Mrs Taylor says other details in the report, which she feels are relevant to the case, were not put before the jury.

“This vital evidence should not have been left out. If that was in there, it could have been a different outcome. I met the Crown Prosecution

Service and I am not satisfied.My son has died and I will not rest,” she said.

The murder trial was told that on March 12, Jordan and his friend Neil Vaughan were driving around town, looking to buy some drugs, when they came across Maslen.

Mr Taylor got out of the car and attacked Maslen, who was walking home. In the scuffle Maslen said he punched at Mr Taylor while holding the knife. He told the jury he only intended to scare him and thought he had only cut him.

The Taylor family also suffered when days after the trial the slogan ‘Free Hayden’ was spray painted on a wall in Wiltshire Drive. Later that night, someone else sprayed ‘So justice can be done’ underneath it.

“Seeing the graffiti on the walls nearby us, it hurt us a lot. We wanted to be left alone in peace. We did not want any of this to happen,” said Mrs Taylor.

“You cannot go back to the way things were as our son has died. Actions like this don’t help. I am now in remission but when he died I was undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer. It was such a hard year for us all.”

Detective Inspector Jim Taylor, of the Brunel Major Crime Investigation Team, said: “We continue to support the Taylor family in what are understandably tragic circumstances.

“At this stage, the matters the family are raising will be dealt with via their solicitor. We hope to keep an open dialogue with the family, as we would with any victims of major crime.”