A VIDEO of two four by four vehicle pulling multiple cars through the snow in Westbury hass been posted on social media.

The clip shows the cars pulling a large white lorry along the snowy road. Watch the full video here.

On social media, Natasha Barton said: "I would just like to say thank you to all the four by four people who were towing last night and prioritised my emergency ambulance colleagues when they got stuck in Westbury yesterday evening."

Josh Gravelle said: "Well done chaps . My Mrs was stuck in traffic for two to three hours because of this. Would have been a lot longer if u guys hadn't pulled wagon out. 

"I came down to pick her up in my van in the end, as worried about her driving home. The defender in front of lorry gave us a tow when we got stuck on Hill.

"Great work lads the place would have been at a stand still if it weren't for your help."