BRADFORD on Avon web designer Amy Mattingly, who was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer last year after her son was stillborn, passed away today surrounded by friends and family.

To the very end, the courageous 32-year-old had one last wish - to raise as much money as possible to help other bowel cancer sufferers to beat the disease that claimed her life and to encourage people to donate blood.

Amy, of Barton Orchard, Bradford on Avon, moved to a local hospice on Sunday, telling her friends and supporters: "The cancer has grown rapidly and spread to my lungs and peritoneum.

"My kidneys are failing and liver too. I have excellent care and will go to my local hospice today. I love you all."

Earlier in the week, her mother Sharon Mahon said her daughter was resting comfortably and was surrounded by her family and close friends. Her husband Chris was today unavailable for comment.

But right to the end, Amy was determined to help raise awareness and money to ensure other people don't have to face the same fate as she did.

Her latest JustGiving appeal has so far raised £1,311.86 towards a target of raising £10,000 for Bowel Cancer UK to help save the lives of other people fighting the disease.

Sadly, the £23,300 Amy's supporters raised for special radiotherapy treatment was unable to go ahead because she was too ill and needed blood transfusions.

Before she died, Amy said: "I appreciate every message that says, 'I'm thinking of you,' it keeps me going on the tough days.

"I'm grateful to have had so many kind people reach out. But, here's the thing... you know what gives me strength more than anything?

"When people tell me that I've inspired them to DO something. That they've donated blood, signed up to a marathon or set up a standing donation to Bowel Cancer UK."

Amy's bowel cancer was only diagnosed in April last year after her baby boy Leo was stillborn at 24 weeks. It is thought her pregnancy may have masked signs of the tumour growing in her bowel.

In January 2017, baby Leo was born without a heartbeat following a natural delivery at Bristol's Southmead Hospital on January 1, 2017, after Amy suffered a bout of vomiting and diarrhoea.

When her diarrhoea and vomiting persisted, doctors first mistook her condition for a physical symptom of her grief. But in April further tests revealed the bowel cancer had spread to her liver and was inoperable.

Amy's friend, Ruth Warren said today a new fundraising page has been set up to try and help her ‘Team Amy’ supporters achieve Amy’s goal.

She said: "If you have followed her story and read her blog, you will recall she wrote asking not for your well wishes but instead for your pledges to do something.

"Nothing gives her more strength than knowing that she has inspired you to do something.

"So let's do it, let's pledge to do something to raise money, raise awareness and recognise this beautiful woman's spirit and strength, courage and determination."

The post on the Team Amy Facebook page has already received dozens of comments from supporters pledging to give blood after Amy needed blood transfusions during her treatment.

In a poignant message to her supporters, Amy recently wrote on her Facebook page: "Feel free to speak about my determination, my perseverance, my persistence, my spirit and my joy for life.

"But please, don't talk about my 'fight' because it's not a battle to me. I don't like being referred to as a warrior, I don't like being called brave.

"I'm not always strong. I just chug along as best I can. Cancer isn't about fighting because it's not about winning or losing.

"I'd prefer you to think of the non-cancer things about me: the love, the colours, the fun, the humour, the glitter. The cats and designs and flowers and make-up."

If you wish to support Amy’s fundraising appeal for Bowel Cancer UK, please go to