IT’S been a busy week at Fairfield farm college in Dilton Marsh as they have welcomed several new arrivals to the farm.

Four goat kids, Blossom, Basil, Edelweiss and Oopsie-Daisy are settling into life on the farm and have been getting lots of attention.

Helen Beer, senior education manager at Fairfield Farm College said: “We are excited to be welcoming some new arrivals.

“Two of the four kid goats are having to be bottle fed, and seven lambs, one of which also has to be bottle fed.

“Although most of the babies have special milk formula, Oopsie-Daisy needs to have fresh goats milk.

“This has meant we have had to learn a new skill, milking goats.

“We also have seven chicks which hatched in our incubator, and this week these have been looked after by our foundation students.

“We had to give one of our chickens a bath this week as she was a little bit messy, she really enjoyed her warm bath.”