ANGRY residents in Bradford on Avon have urged people using Warleigh Weir to take their litter home after they visit.

The call follows the huge pile of litter left by scores of people who visited the popular beauty spot over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

A two-feet high mound of plastic bags containing picnic debris was left by the people who sunbathed and swam in the River Avon below Warleigh Manor.

The popular wild swimming spot can only be accessed by crossing the railway line between Bath and Freshford. Users tend to park their cars on verges and laybys along the A36 Warminster road.

Clare Brown, posting on social media sites for Bath, Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge, said: “What part of Leave No Trace don’t you understand?

“This will not be collected by anyone other than volunteers who will need to take it over the railway tracks. A festering pile of crap that was too much effort to take home. Why?

“If you did think you were being helpful by putting your crap in a bag and leaving it here, it would be even more helpful if you came back and picked it up.”

Within hours of Clare’s post, there were 44 comments and 52 shares, mostly agreeing with her criticism of the anti-social behaviour.

Dave Wilford said: “It’s a disgrace and I’d sooner see Warleigh Weir made into a private paid swimming club to stop access to these people and preserve the spot.”

Helen Burton added: “Why can’t humans be responsible for picking up, bagging and taking home their own crap.

“Don’t understand why they think this is ok. You are spoiling other people’s enjoyment of a public facility. Fine them.”