EXCITING plans to replace an existing skatepark in Warminster with a new and improved one has been approved.

Wiltshire Council approved the Friends of Warminster Park’s application to build the concrete skate park facility, with beams and ramps, within the Lakeside Pleasure Grounds.

Although planning permission has been granted, funds to put complete the £215,000 refurbishment still need to be found to make this possible.

Cllr Pip Rideout said: “The Friends of Warminster Park are delighted to report that the planning application was approved. “This has been designed by young people of the town, who have wanted this to happen for a long time.

“We have £60,000 in funding but we still need the rest of the funds to come in.

“At the moment we are applying to Plain Action for funding and the Military Covenant too.

“On Sunday more than 600 adults gave us signatures supporting this.”