A TROWBRIDGE mum who runs a support group that helps children with Type 1 diabetes has written a book with the help of her children.

The Adventures of the Insulin Gang Travelling Bears, set up by Donna-Michelle Donkin, sends toy bears and a journal to children with with the condition so they can share their experiences.

To try and help more young children with the condition, she decided to write a book too.

Her 13-year-old daughter Alena did the illustrations and a character in the book is named after he daughter Cerys, 16, who has Type 1 diabetes.

“I cannot really believe that I have my very own book,” said Donna, of Azalea Drive.

“It has been great having my family be part of this too. This is about offering reassurance and a little guidance through the story of a teddy bear who visits a recently diagnosed girl in hospital.

“I was so nervous to do this but it is doing really well, certainly better than I expected.”