Michael Mizen

A FORMER clerk to the Wiltshire Magistrates at Chippenham has died aged 66.

Michael Mizen, of Berryfield Road, Bradford on Avon, died on June 1 after a long battle against cancer. Mr Mizen was born in Bristol on September 14, 1951, and went to St Brendon’s School where he played in the rugby team. After studying for a biology degree in London, he stayed to work at the Midland Bank. He later moved to the Inland Revenue in Richmond.

His uncle, who was the magistrates clerk in Bristol, persuaded him to follow a career in law, which he began in Brighton the day after his first child was born.

After qualifying as a solicitor, Mr Mizen worked firstly in Eastbourne and then Wiltshire, ending his career as Director of Legal Training for the South West.

He was a devoted family man and enjoyed spending time with his four children Clare, Alexandra, Emily and James, and six grandchildren.

When James was six years old he took him to play rugby with Bradford on Avon Rugby Football Club at the St Laurence playing fields.

The parent looking after U6 team needed help and Mr Mizen volunteered, starting his long association with BOARFC, becoming secretary, treasurer, chairman and unofficial club solicitor.

He and Andy Tripp coached a very successful group and stayed with them as they grew older and progressed to the full game.

Mr Mizen became a qualified rugby coach and a Christ Church Primary School governor about the same time.

He helped BOARFC move to Winsley Road, having been instrumental in obtaining a Lottery Fund grant to build a new clubhouse in 2003.

His funeral is on Wednesday, June 20 at 1.45pm at the West Wiltshire Crematorium at Semington.