A TROWBRIDGE councillor has voiced concerns about plans to close the public toilets in the town’s park.

Cllr Edward Kirk says the town council’s neighbourhood service committee should relocate the toilets closer to the police station just outside the park.

He said: “The park is an important community space and I feel without a suitable clean and safe toilet provision we are going to detract visitors from the park and town centre.

“The reasoning behind the council officer’s recommendation is sound in that we are unable to keep the toilets free of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and worst of all drug abuse. However, why should a few individuals lead to the loss of this important public amenity?

“As a Council, we have reported incidences to the police but due to resource pressure they are unable to always assist in a realistic time-frame.

“At the next full town council meeting I will be proposing that our public toilets are relocated to within the curtilage of the Trowbridge Police Station, which is situated within only a few feet of the park.

“This may be radical, but it offers the convenient safe location required and I maintain it is the only viable solution to retain our town’s public toilet provision.”