BUSINESSES, organisations and residents in Bradford on Avon are being urged to back a campaign to bring back Frida Owlo to the town.

The town’s Arts Festival Committee want to raise enough money to bid for the Minerva Owl at next Wednesday’s charity auction.

The move follows the successful installation of Frida Owlo – the Minerva Owl located near the town bridge for the summer.

James Sullivan-Tailyour, owner of The Swan Hotel in Bradford on Avon, and BOA Business are both backing the bid to bring the statue back permanently to the town.

Mr Sullivan-Tailyour said: “People loved having the Minerva Owl here in the town and it was a great success but we never imagined that it might be possible to get her back here permanently.

“Thanks to the initial generosity of the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival Committee it looks like it might be a possibility.”

It is understood the festival committee have pledged up to £1,500 towards the auction bid, with a further £400 being pledged by businesses, other organisations and individuals.

Now BoA Business has launched a final push to raise more funds to enable them to make a successful bid at next week’s auction.

All 58 of the full size Minerva Owls and three Owlets are being auctioned on Wednesday, October 17 from 7pm at The Apex Hotel in Bath by TV presenter and auctioneer Addison Gelpey.

Now BOA Business has set up a 'pledge' page on its website for businesses, organisations and individuals interested in supporting a bid.

Mr Sullivan-Tailyour added: “Donations will be used to bid at the auction and to contribute towards installation and ongoing maintenance. If the bid is unsuccessful, donations will be refunded.

“If you’d like to help get Frida Owlo back to Bradford on Avon we need more help. We appeal to everyone, businesses, organisations and individuals to join in and help get her back.

“The auction is on Wednesday so we need to raise funds by then. Of course, since it is an auction we don't know what the winning bid will need to be.

“So we are asking you to help with a 'pledge' to a maximum amount that you would be comfortable in donating.

“The pledge money will be used in two ways; to form part of the bid at the auction and, should we win the bid, to contribute towards the installation and ongoing maintenance of Frida Owlo.

“If we are not successful with the bid then your pledge will be refunded in full. If we are successful and we only need part of the total pledged then we will adjust your pledge accordingly and refund a proportion to you.

“We also plan that, as part of the installation, those pledging money, if required, would be recognised on the installation.”

To make a pledge, please go to