QUAKERS from Bradford on Avon are planning their next anti-nuclear protest.

Eight members will be heading to the Aldermaston Weapons Establishment near Newbury on Monday October 1, where nuclear warheads are due to be made to replace the current Trident system.

Some are planning to blockade the entrance and are prepared to be arrested as a result.

In a statement the group said: "Those of us who are going to demonstrate at Aldermaston believe that to prepare for nuclear war, let alone to wage it, is a crime against humanity and our planet.

"We also believe that to bring in a new generation of nuclear weapons is contrary to our treaty obligations and will only encourage nuclear proliferation.

"We shall talk to any employees we meet and to the police, taking leaflets to give out and posters to attach to the fence and to hold.

"Some of us may do what we can to block the entrance to the site and are prepared to be arrested for doing so. In this way we can bring our case to court and argue it there."