PEOPLE living in Hilperton are being urged to get out and vote on November 1, in the first local referendum to decide on a village Neighbourhood Plan, which could stop homes being built on some of the fields in the Hilperton Gap.

Parish councillors are hopeful residents will vote in favour of the plan, the final step before it is introduced.

Ernie Clark, parish council chairman and Wiltshire councillor for the Hilperton division said: “This is a major milestone for the village which is the culmination of three years of hard work by the parish council and the steering group.

“We want to keep this side of the Hilperton Gap a green field so this space isn’t lost.

“The Hilperton Neighbourhood Plan directs developments away from the Trowbridge side of the Gap in order to keep this green space.

“Wiltshire Council would like to build on this land, but the Hilperton Neighbourhood Plan is not endorsing this, and want it all to remain green space, ideally.

“There are various other policies in the plan which will improve the design of developments, protect historic buildings, improve sustainable transport and give Hilperton the infrastructure it so needs.

“If the plan does not go through then there will be no protection against houses being built on the Gap. The parish council hope that the public will vote in favour of the Hilperton Neighbourhood Plan.”

Locals have been sent polling cards detailing where they can vote. A copy of the plan is at or hard copies can be read at Marsh Road post office, Hilperton Primary School, and the village hall.