EMERGENCY responses to the Salisbury incident have been praised by Wiltshire councillors from across all political parties.

During a debate on what leisure discounts military and blue light personnel get in the county, members of both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats praised workers who took part in the immediate response and long term work within the city, following the Novichok attack in March. In a motion to extend discounts for people who work in the military or emergency services, Ian Thorn and cllr Brian Dalton stated: “The excellent work of our Armed Forces, in particular here on our door step in Wiltshire is recognised by this Council. Council also notes the excellent work of our blue light services which we rely on every day. We would like to thank those recently and some still, involved in the international incident in Salisbury.”

Cllr John Thompson said; “Wiltshire Council thanks those officers and partner agencies who have supported recovery of the international incident in Salisbury. Their role has been fantastic in supporting our community. I’d like to acknowledge hard work of Wiltshire Council officers who continue to support the long term recovery.”

Baroness Jane Scott added: “I don’t think the motion goes far enough. Why are we not thanking Salisbury hospital staff? It is one of the most forward hospitals in the world as far as dealing with nerve agent attack. I think what’s missing we are not thanking the CCG and the resilience of the residents who have been brilliant over this whole debacle.” The motion to change leisure discounts will be rewritten, after the council failed to agree on the motion.