TIME Team expert and Wiltshire archaeologist Phil Harding says the “eyes of the world” will be watching if the Government decides to go ahead with controversial plans for a 1.9-mile tunnel past the world-famous Stonehenge monument.

Speaking at a Bradford on Avon Museum event on Saturday, Mr Harding said: “The Government has clearly made up its mind to build a tunnel. I personally think it should be longer.

“They are terrified of any archaeological discoveries and are moving heaven and earth to make sure they can avoid any damage to the archaeology.

“They have dug miles of evaluation trenches over the past few months to see what lies underneath.

“It’s going to happen and that is it and I’m sure that whatever is done the archaeology will be done. The eyes of the world will be watching them to make sure.”

Mr Harding, who lives in Salisbury, works for Wessex Archaeology. He was talking at a BoA Museum Q&A session.