Jersey Boys takes its audience on a tour of the rise and metamorphosis of the Four Seasons as they search for a name that sticks and break the American charts.

As a group the performers are seamless and their strong vocal harmonies bring the characters to life on stage.

The set changes are faultless and keep the show going at a fast pace.

The show has an incredible array of songs and this jukebox musical will entertain both fans and new comers to the band alike. Anyone who might not think they know the Four Seasons will probably recognise their stream of hits including Big Girls Don’t Cry, Sherry and Walk Like a Man.

Jersey Boys traces their history in which different members come and Jersey boys, Tommy, played by Peter Nash, and Nick, played by Lewis Griffiths, launch their group, while trying to stay out of prison.

Finally they find Frankie Valli, played by Michael Watson, and his signature falsetto voice secures his spot in the band.

Later Bob Gaudio, played by Declan Egan, joins the team. Having become a one hit wonder with (Who Wears) Short Shorts the shy and innocent Bob is taken under the wing of loveable rogue Tommy.

Together the four tour and gig until finally they get the chance to write and record songs in the studio. Three number one hits in a row secure their place in the rock and roll hall of fame.

The work, relationship struggles and sacrifices of the group are played out on stage, as the characters attempt to deal with the fame that is thrust upon them.

Comic moments within the show highlighted the close but often strained relationship between the four and got a great response from the audience.

A standing ovation at the end of the performance was well deserved and the cast seemed genuinely thrilled to have the response they did at the end of many of the tunes.

A fantastic night out for music lovers in general and those who remember the swinging sixties.

The musical is being performed at the Bristol Hippodrome until November 17.