AN eight-foot high Christmas tree made only from empty plastic bottles has been made by a member of staff at Warminster Town Council to mark the town’s litter picks.

Sally Ward, who works in the council offices, made the tree in her own time to highlight the Warminster community litter pick and the importance of recycling.

She said: “The tree was named The Salvaged Spruce and it took over a month to make and contains around 200 empty bottles.

“The message of the tree is about the importance of the environment and the need for people to reduce their use of materials, particularly plastic, and to encourage reuse and recycling.”

Town councillors have been hugely impressed with the tree and have praised the hard work and creativity behind it.

The Salvaged Spruce is currently on display in the Warminster Civic Centre and will soon be moved to the Minster Church as part of its Christmas tree festival.

The community litter picks are held on the first Saturday of every month and target a different part of Warminster each time.

All the litter pickers, be they members of the public, councillors or council staff, are volunteers.

Anyone is welcome to join the litter pick team. The next litter pick will be on Saturday, February 2.