CARDIAC patients from Wiltshire going for treatment at the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust could now benefit from a new X-ray machine that gives clearer and improved images of coronary arteries.

Catheter Laboratory 1 at the RUH has recently been refurbished, including the control and equipment rooms, and the new X-ray machine – a GE Healthcare monoplane – installed.

Sharon Slade, Specialist Radiographer, said: “The new X-ray machine provides us with a far clearer image of the coronary arteries, while its specialist software packages enable us to see and position coronary stents in far more detail.

“The machine is one of the newest from GE and will enable us to complete procedures using less radiation, which is beneficial to both patients and staff.”

Trust Chief Executive James Scott said: “This significant investment is yet another demonstration of our commitment to make our hospital fit for the future, with the very best equipment to further improve the care we provide to our patients.”

The Catheter Laboratory at the RUH is where a variety of tests and procedures, including ablation, angiogram, angioplasty and the implantation of pacemakers, are carried out. It is staffed by a team of specialists made up of cardiologists, radiographers, cardiac physiologists and nurses.

Demand for these services is set to increase and the replacement of the existing equipment in the Catheter Laboratory was a priority for cardiology at the RUH.

Project Manager Charlotte Scully said: “The removal of the old equipment and the refurbishment and delivery of the new monoplane had to be managed very carefully, with minimal disruption, as there continued to be a live lab next door and a fully functioning recovery area outside of both labs.

“The programme also had very tight schedule as the lab had to be shut for the shortest time possible so as not to impact on patient care. We’re grateful to everyone involved for helping the project run so smoothly.”