A TROWBRIDGE couple have spoken of their heartache after their attempts to start a family have failed - and their gratitude to people who are donating to an appeal to help them.

Sarah and Shane Foster, who live in Bisham Lane on the Castle Mead estate in Trowbridge, have been married for seven years. and have been trying for a baby without success. Sarah has already experienced one miscarriage five years ago.

Sarah, 35, an office supervisor with breakdown and recovery service Hinton Rescue in Bath, said: “I became pregnant in 2013 but lost the baby early on.

“Since then, we’ve been trying but without any success. We’ve tried everything from healthy eating to vitamins and ovulation tracking.”

Shane, 43, a driver with Hinton Rescue, said: “It’s soul-destroying. We have a family-sized home. All we want is to put a family in it to make our lives complete.”

As they became more desperate, the couple turned to the NHS, which has recently provided one round of free In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment but it sadly failed.

They cannot afford the £12,000 cost of having three more rounds of IVF privately at the Access Fertility Clinic at Peasedown St John.

Relatives have now set up a crowdfunding appeal to raise £6,000 to help them buy the treatment.

The appeal was launched by Sarah’s sister-in law, Ella Delaney to hopefully raise half of the cost.

Sarah and Shane say they are “amazed” at the generosity of family, friends and strangers, especially just before Christmas. Mr Foster said: “We just can’t believe that people can be so generous.”

Ella Delaney said: “Sarah and Shane have been trying for a baby for many years, but unfortunately it hasn’t yet happened for them.

“In December 2013 Sarah did fall pregnant and we were all over the moon for them. Shortly after however Sarah miscarried which was devastating.

“Recently they started IVF and managed to get a good quality embryo which was transferred.

“We all had our fingers crossed that this would be their chance but to our great disappointment it did not work this time. This was their one free try on the NHS.“Sarah and Shane are always helping others so we would love to give them the chance that they deserve to have their own family. We greatly appreciate any donations and thank you for the support in helping this lovely couple to get what they want more than anything.”

So far, 38 supporters have raised £1,867 towards the £6,000 target. To donate, go to https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sarahandshane?