A WEST Wilts drama group are marking a milestone this week with the production of their annual pantomime.

Celebrating their 50th year in 2019, Trowbridge Players are bringing to the stage the all-time favourite Robin Hood.

Their version is the traditional pantomime with an added storyline: the Sheriff of Nottingham’s brother has gone off to the Crusades with King Richard and he has been left to look after his two young children. Marion is the Sheriff’s ward and her father is also fighting with the king.

The Sheriff wants to get rid of the two children so that he can inherit their money and he’ll become rich and powerful beyond his wildest dreams, and also kidnaps Marion. So the children’s dim-witted Nanny, along with Robin and his Merry Men, work together to try and save the children and rescue Marion.

Angela Giddings has written and is also directing the production.

She said: "I love the story of Robin Hood. He’s such a great British hero, looking after the poor villagers by tricking the local gentry out of their money to share amongst those who have nothing. And I love the thought of him and his merry men playing tricks on the Sheriff of Nottingham.

"So, writing a pantomime about him as the central character was an obvious choice. But, for me, there wasn’t enough to create a full script. So, I added the story of the Babes in the Wood which has given the script an extra level with lots of opportunity for even more fun and some great comedy.”

Trowbridge Players traditionally put on a pantomime in January, a spring play and an autumn production.

Angela said: "We’ve been rehearsing since the middle of October, but I started planning last January, straight after the end of last year’s panto. It’s a big show with lots of scenery, props, costumes and music, as well as a great cast. We have a wonderful team who put in so much effort to bring the show to the stage."

Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood opened at the Arc theatre last night (Thursday 10th January) with performances tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) at 7.30pm along with a matinee at 2.30pm tomorrow and on Sunday13th. They then take a break before performance on January 17, 18, 19 and 20 at the same times.Tickets are available at £10 and £8 from the Arc Theatre on 01225 756376.