Four boys, including one from Warminster, have been admitted as full choristers after just five months as probationer choristers at Salisbury Cathedral.

Rory Laws became a full chorister this week along with Jack Maltby, Theo Price and Kavan Sathish. The boys will now be part of the choir that is older than the cathedral itself.

David Halls, director of music at Salisbury Cathedral, said: “I am pleased with the way these four boys have developed. They have worked really hard since September and become valuable members of our choral family.

“I am delighted to have been able to offer five scholarships this time round.

“Boys’ voices are breaking earlier so it can be a challenge keeping the boys’ choir up to strength. Luckily all of these candidates showed great promise when they did their voice trials, which is really heartening, and I think they’ll enjoy being part of our team.”