YEAR five and six children at Southwick Primary School in Trowbridge were taught how to stay safe online and keep their personal information secure as they were paid a visit by experts on national internet safety day.

Natalie Sherman of social media agency, Naturally Social, and Kathryn Price from technological support firm, KSPTechCare, spoke to the pupils in a topical assembly to ensure the children know the risks and possible dangers the internet can bring, including fraud, social media pressures and online bullying.

Ms Sherman said: “I’m really excited to be talking to students about online safety. It’s statistically proven that educated young people use the internet in a safe and productive way so it’s really important these conversations happen.”

Also marking internet safety day, Westbury based company Priority IT have issued advice on how to keep your details and sensitive information secure online.

The business has issued online safety advice including don’t use simple passwords, be suspicious of emails that ask you to login to a service when clicking a link and be careful what you upload and post to the internet, once it is there, it is there forever.

The advice also goes on to say keep your online personal self separate from your online business self and set up two factor, or multifactor authentication for logging into to emails and other accounts.

Priority IT managing director Kieran Thomas said: “Safer Internet Day’s slogan, together for a better internet, is a call to action for all stakeholders to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users.

As a responsible IT support company, that includes the team here at Priority IT, so we are doing our bit.

“In 2018 the collective activity reach 45 per cent of UK children and 30 per cent of parents. Let’s hope that, together, we reach even more people this year.”