PUPILS at Westbury Leigh Primary School welcomed an author whose books have inspired their learning.

Maz Evans from Dorset visited the school on Tuesday and held workshops with the pupils where she spoke about her series of children’s books set in ancient Greece and the characters behind her stories.

Year 5 and 6 pupils focused on this topic in lessons in the summer term.

Year 6 teacher Rachel Everleigh said: “It is inspiring to have Maz visit us today.

“We first chose to include her books in our curriculum and it really brings the books to life having her come to the school.”

Year 6 teacher Steve Pearce said: “We do push reading across the whole school so having an autor come in to visit the children is a great experience and the children have loved it.”

The day finished with a book signing in the library where the children had their own personal copies of bestselling books personally signed.