WESTBURY Wheelers cycling club have been so pleased by demand for their new course to encourage more women to get out on their bikes and keep fit that they are already planning a second one - before the first has even taken to the road.

Members of the well-established cycling club already have many rides out for cyclists with different abilities.

Grace Shephard, 60, of Warminster, the women’s ambassador for Westbury Wheelers, said: “Nearly a third of the club’s 170-plus members are women but we noticed that there are a lack of rides to encourage women to get out on their bikes and get fit.

“We are holding a ten-week women-only course starting on March 9 from the Market Place in Westbury, which is now full. We are hoping to do another course later in the year too.

“Our aim is to start the rides at a leisurely pace and short distance, with a leader and a tail rider. The ethos of the group will be to ride at the pace of the slowest and nobody will be left behind.

“We have certain ‘calls’ to enable instructions to be carried up and down the peloton to ensure safe and well-organised rides. A huge priority is respecting different ability riders and other road users.

“The only cost for this is people’s membership fee to join the Westbury Wheelers (£18 for adults) and a penny or two for cake and coffee. Insurance is recommended, which can be acquired following the instruction on the club membership page of the website.

“The first ride will be just over 10 miles and the route will vary each week, adding slightly more miles as we go along. The final ride will be with the Green group at the same time on Saturday, May 11, which will be 20 miles.”

The club’s main rides are its Sunday morning outings. Three groups for riders of various abilities - called Purple, Blue and Yellow - meet at 9am in the Market Place at Westbury. All stop for coffee and cake along the way.

The club’s Green rides for beginners and those wanting a more leisurely ride start at 2pm on Saturday, also from the Market Place.

The fast boys and girls (Purple Group) do 60-80 quick miles at 16-17 mph, the Blue Group usually rides 35-60 miles and the Yellow Group 20-40 miles. There’s also a Wednesday morning ride of 30-40 miles leaving the Market Place at 9.30am.

The club also organises mid-week evening training rides in the winter and summer, time trials and turbo-training sessions. Full details at www.westburywheelers.co.uk