CROWDS of people gathered in Fore Street, Trowbridge on this morning (Tuesday) for a morning of annual pancakes races in celebration of Shrove Tuesday.

Both young and old took part in the races which involved the skill of flipping of a foam pancake whilst running the length of the street.

The Trowbridge Lions club once again helped with the organisation.

Richard Loverock, joint president of Trowbridge Lions club said: “The Lions have marshalled the pancake race for many years and it is great fun.

“It’s a shame we don’t get to eat them though, they look a bit chewy.”

Margaret Withers, 92, took part in the ladies race and was helped along by Mayor Dennis Drewett.

She said: “I am recovering from a hip operation which I had in May but I am very active and enjoy going to exercise classes.

“The pancake race was very fun although I could only walk.”

Beryl Lavis, 99, was the oldest competitor to take part and was helped by members of the Order of St John Care Trust.

Leanne Sims, activity coordinator said: “We were really pleased to tale part in the pancake race today, it was great fun and great thing for the community. We are very pleased with Beryl for taking part.”

Winner of the children’s race Sera Phina said: “I am happy I won and had fun.”

Hannah Edwards from Anytime Fitness gym in Trowbridge won the ladies race.

She said: “I just legged it at the end, I really wanted to win. At least the gym is doing something for me.”

Mayor Dennis Drewett said: “The support today was really fantastic to see. I would like to thank everyone who took part and helped out including the Lions Club who gave up their time. Everyone had a great morning.”