THE family of a 14-year-old boy battling with a brain tumour are raising money to buy an adapted house for when he is well enough to return home from hospital.

Kale Turner from Trowbridge was diagnosed with a brain tumour in September last year after weeks of being unwell.

He was admitted to Bristol Children’s Hospital where they began to prepare for surgery to remove it the following week, however he has since suffered tow bleeds on the brain which left him with brain damage.

His mum, Jane Turner is now raising money for a new home for the family which can be adapted to suit Kale's needs, after they were told their current home in Dursley Road was not suitable for adaption.

She said: "We just want Kale to be able to have access to everything in his home just like he did before.

"We are a very close family and like to spend our time at home together, so this is so important for us.

"I want Kale to have a forever home which he loves and is comfortable in.

"Words cannot describe how grateful I am to everyone who has donated or sent us message of support.

"I have done a lot for the community being a councillor and working with children and although I dont like to ask for anything from others, this is time time I just have to ask. Even if people can donate one pound it will be so appreciated.

"I am planning on giving back to the community to say thank you once Kale is well enough to come home.

"We just want to have him home and give him the stability he needs."

Friend of the family Donna Broomham held a charity event to raise money for Kale earlier in the month, and is planning more fundraising.

She said: "The future is uncertain for Kale and it is currently unknown how severe the brain damage is and what his recovery prognosis is.

"What we do know is that this will be a long journey and one that will change Kale and his family’s lives forever.

"Any money donated will go towards buy a house that is better suited to Kales needs as well as everyday living costs and extra therapies.

" If there is any money left over that is not needed then it will be donated to the Grand Appeal for Bristol Children Hospital, who have been providing such fantastic care for Kale."

Donations to Kale and his family can be made online at