IDEAS on what the Trowbridge community would like to see done with the Town Hall were voiced at a public meeting on Wednesday night.

Around 50 members of the public from the town and the surrounding areas attended the meeting to have their say on the future of the Town Hall under the leadership of new director David Lockwood.

Main points which were raised included improving the cafe, publicity for the events, and welcoming groups of all ages and cultures.

At the meeting, newly appointed director David Lockwood said: “I am really touched by such a great turn out. This building is just beautiful and I hope you like what we’ve done with it.

“I’m an outsider, I don’t know this town but I am growing to know it and growing to really like it.

“I love this building, it is totally amazing.

“What really interested me about this job is that it’s not an arts space, it’s a town hall.

“There is a spirit here of civic pride.”

Trowbridge town councillor and actor/producer Pheobe Kemp, who uses a wheelchair, said: “I would not have been able to create my work if it wasn’t for the support of this building.

“It is so hard to find that support and it’s so expensive to find the space.

“The accessibility is an issue, and I would like to see a nice shiny lift installed.”

Publicity was also raised as a key factor in determining the future success of the Town Hall.

Volunteer Jill Cooper said: “My point is that it is lovely to see so many people here but I was horrified when talking to a group of friends to find out they didn’t even know this place was here and they have lived in Trowbridge all their lives.

“Publicity is so vital. There is a lot going on here and I know that and all these people here knows that.

“But everybody who puts something on in here whether it be an art exhibit, a play or a concert needs to get the word out there.”

The Trowbridge Town Hall is currently in the running for winning £50,000 as part of ITV’s People’s Project which awards a grant to the local community organisation with the most votes.

To vote for the town hall please visit to cast your vote before Monday, April 15.