SID, the corn snake, who was found by a worker at Warminster Maltings, is still waiting for his owner to claim him.

The two-feet-long snake was discovered at The Maltings in March and handed over to local vets Harris, Hill & Gibbons.

In turn, they passed him on to Bradford on Avon-based Just Snakes Rescue to look after.

Tyson Steggles, of Just Snakes, says Sid, who is now known as Mango, is “doing really well.”

He added: “We got him in March and no-one has come forward to claim ownership.

“We’ve been feeding him up and he’s shed his skin. We’re feeding him tiny mice about once a week.”

Chris Garratt, managing director at Warminster Maltings, said workers were “surprised and shocked” at finding the corn snake hiding in a malt barley store.

If the owner doesn’t step forward to claim him, Mr Steggles plans to take Mango to his fundraising events at fetes, open days and fun dog shows.