TWO West Wiltshire businessmen have vowed to carry on despite being repeatedly targeted by vandals and thieves.

Steve Wordley, of 1st Call Skip Hire at Westbury, has vowed to bounce back after being targeted by metal theft gangs.

His business has been hit several times in the past few months - most recently on Bank Holiday Monday - after a gang raided his units in Chemical Road on the West Wiltshire Trading Estate.

Thieves are also understood to have also targeted other metal recycling and skip hire businesses in nearby Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon and Frome recently.

Mr Wordley, 67, who lives in Trowbridge, said: “I lost about £1,500 worth of scrap metal in the first raid.

“In the second raid, the thieves were disturbed and the third time they cut a hole in the door of one of my units and stole some tools.

“I was on the brink of quitting but have been told that one of the gangs have been caught by police.

“I’m putting a 2.5-tonne concrete block in front of my garage doors and have increased the security.

“I’m going to hand over the business to my son Steve once he has obtained the necessary licences.”

However John Hussey, the joint owner of the Bradford on Avon Golf Club, has been forced to temporarily close the nine-hole course after the reception area and toilets were wrecked in a series of raids.

He said a small group of three to five teenagers, aged 15-18 - including girls - had repeatedly vandalised his premises off Avon Close.

“They have tried to set fire to the premises two or three times and have torn out the electric wiring in the reception area.

“They have also thrown batteries down the toilets, and smashed up the toilets. They have pulled water heaters off the wall and have broken the spouts.

“They have also lain short strands of barbed wire on the grass and have damaged two of my mowing machines. The whole lot is going to cost up to £800 to repair.

“It’s just mindless vandalism but I’m not going to let them beat me,” said Mr Hussey, 73, who lives in Heywood.

The family golf club and 30-acre course overlooking the River Avon at Bradford on Avon is jointly owned with his brother in Scotland and sister in Southampton.

“I am a tolerant person and have been exceptionally patient. They are going in there two or three evenings a week.

“They are taking advantage of my goodwill and my tolerance level is decreasing. The club needs to be supervised to stop what is happening.”

Mr Hussey is now speaking to police about how to protect his premises and improve security at the club. He claimed he could identify some of the young vandals from CCTV but has not yet decided whether to report them to police, although he has discussed the problem with St Laurence School, where he believes they are pupils.

He is also talking to Bradford on Avon Town Council and Wiltshire Council about his plans to develop the club, which partially fronts onto the River Avon.