WILTSHIRE Council’s first climate change task group meeting was held this week, as councillors from across all parties came together to discuss making Wiltshire carbon neutral by 2030.

A Climate Emergency was acknowledged by the local authority in February and now a group has been set up to look into ways to make Wiltshire more environmentally friendly following a UN report that said urgent changes are needed in the next 12 years.

Motions from both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats called for more work to be done to address environmental issues.

Cllr Graham Wright is chairman of the group and said the party has put politics to one side to discuss the climate emergency.

He said: “This is not a political issue and everyone in the group is keen to get on. We have asked Wiltshire Council to provide us with information on what the Eco Board have done to find out what needs to be done to get to where we want to be. We are meeting again in two weeks.

“We talked about what might be realistic for us to achieve but everyone is keen to get on.”

A portfolio holder is due to be named who will lead the way in uncovering how Wiltshire Council can address environment issues in the county.