Top chefs from across the UK gathered at a farm near Westbury.

They visited Stokes Marsh Farm in Coulston at a Chefs' Forum, hosted by Walter Rose & Son butchers.

Farmer Tim Johnson welcomed the 100 guests to his farm.

And Chefs’ Forum founder Catherine Farinha and Gloucestershire College school lead Mark Hyde-Catton discussed how working together helped students.

Hywel Jones, the Michelin-starred executive chef at Lucknam Park near Chippenham, led a brigade of young chefs from the college to produce some canapés in the ‘Chefs’ Forum Field Kitchen’ using Stokes Marsh Farm beef.

They made steak tartar with beetroot on a rye cracker and a corned brisket, Bramley apple and horseradish.

Chris 'T-bone' Chops of DJ BBQ fired-up the Kamado Joe grill and served plaited beef fillet with coal-roasted oysters and mushrooms.

He also made ‘dirty steak and eggs’ where a bavette steak was cooked and blackened on the charcoal and fresh quail eggs were baked in the Falcon counter top convection oven.

Hywel then took to the demo stage along with sous chef Alex Green and junior sous Richard Henderson to performed a cookery demonstration of fillet of Tim’s beef.

Tim then led chefs on a tour of the farm.