THE Mayor of Westbury, Cllr Mike Sutton, has welcomed the concept of having a banking ‘hub’ for the town.

A report published by Parliament’s Treasury Committee last month concluded that banks should fund ‘shared hubs’ in towns like Westbury that have lost their banking facilities.

The MPs say this would prevent the loss of the last bank in town or to help protect vulnerable people from being impacted by banks relying on the digital age.

Cllr Sutton welcomed the idea, saying: “I would be very supportive of any initiative that brings back banking facilities to Westbury.”

The town’s last bank, Lloyds, closed its doors in February, not long after the closure of Barclays early last year.

The Lloyds closure left the town without a bank, meaning people not banking online were forced to travel to Trowbridge or Warminster.

At the time, it was also left without a main Post Office when the Co-op supermarket closed in 2016 to make for a new Lidl supermarket.