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Arrows shot past

I’VE witnessed some anti-climaxes in my time, but the flypast by the Red Arrows on Sunday afternoon over Trowbridge Park, as part of the armed forces weekend, takes some beating.

The organisers proudly announced that it had cost £30,000 to stage the weekend and they did a brilliant job. I hope that this amount did not include a fee for this pathetic flypast. I have always wanted to see the Red Arrows live, so waited in eager anticipation with hundreds of others in the park, to see them fly over.

They shot over in less than 20 seconds. Few people had time to photograph them as they shot by so quickly. Everybody fully expected them to do a circuit of the park. We were told that they were flying straight on to Salisbury.

This was like being promised a fireworks display, only to see 6 little rockets being let off. I heard numerous comments from the crowd, such as “is that it?” If a fee was paid for this farce, then it was a complete waste of money. The Spitfire flight afterwards was a thousand times better.

Michael Brain, Brook Road, Trowbridge

Vote on reality

IT IS always sad to see people resorting to insults and verbal abuse ( ‘People’s Vote mob’ ..... ‘and her ilk’ ..... ‘foolish’ ..... ‘emotionally laden rhetoric’) and suggests that the writer is not familiar with logical discourse.

Statistics are only valid if they are not manipulated, which is rarely the case, and it would be easy – though probably pointless – to offer alternatives to Mr Bool’s offerings.

Quite simply, a further referendum offers people the chance to vote intellectually rather than emotionally, and on reality rather than fantasy, which was certainly not the case three years ago.

If we have another referendum and Leave win again then the majority will be pleased that their faith in democracy has been vindicated.

If we have another referendum and Remain win then the majority will be pleased that their faith in the democratic principle that people are allowed to change their minds has been vindicated.

Anybody opposed to another referendum is obviously against giving the people that opportunity.

David Maunder, Church Street, Semington

Stand up for NHS

AN open letter to Claire Perry MP: Sorry to hear you are on a leave of absence due to family ill health, and hope they are better soon as your voice is very much needed for people like John and Carmela both of Market Lavington. How many more mums and dads are going to be told that their child does not fit the criteria or is a funding issue. Neither of these people went out of their way to be disabled.

35 people have signed the petition in your constituency asking for a government debate into the national scandal which CCG are causing in this country.

I look forward to your response and will continue to raise this issue with every MP and MEP in this country until one of you stand up for the rights we have under the NHS and for them to start acting appropriately in the best interest of the patients they are supposed to care for.

Aneurin Bevan said “free at the point of contact”. He did not add a criteria or eligibility

Suzanne Morrison, Bouverie Drive, Market Lavington

Pity for pigeons

I AM very upset about what is happening about the poor pigeons of Bath. I understand a woman has been fined £150 for giving a crust of bread to the birds in the city. I look after damaged pigeons at my home in in North Wraxall and am disgusted by their treatment.

Pigeons don’t ask to be born. Some were used during the First World War and served their country carrying messages.

Marjorie Bunston, North Wraxall

Good luck Scouts

In just a few days’ time Scouts from Wiltshire will be travelling 3,800 miles to wild and wonderful West Virginia, USA for the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

World Scout Jamborees are incredible festivals of peace, friendship and adventure.

The theme is Unlock a new world. I want to wish the Wiltshire Scouts good luck and safe travels.

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

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