GOING plastic free has the been the theme of the term for pupils at North Bradley CofE School who have been busy making eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items which they sold to members of the public on Wednesday afternoon.

The Plastic Free Fair has run across the whole school and involved pupils researching the damage that plastic does to our planet.

They have made reusable make-up remover pads, soap, reusable cloths, bees wax wraps and scones made with plastic free ingredients.

Year six pupil, Ruby, 11 said: "This project has been really fun to do, it was a lot of effort but it was worth it.

"It is surprising to see how much damage plastic actually does."

Class teacher Helen Cooke said: "This topic is really relevant at the moment and something we should all be thinking about.

"These are our future generation so its good to teach them the dangers of single use plastic and how to look after our planet by making the right choices."