We decided to go to The Poplars as it is just round the corner from us and we had the intention of sitting outside to enjoy the bright summer evening.

We booked a table and thought of asking to move outside once we arrived and were greeted by the friendly lady behind the bar in the restaurant.

We asked if we could sit outside for the evening and she said we would have to come in to order our food and drinks, so we opted for a seat in the restaurant near the door so we could still enjoy the cool breeze.

I ordered a diet Pepsi for myself and my partner ordered a cider.

We took around 10 minutes to browse the menu which we were very impressed with. There was a wide choice from classic pub food to fancier options.

We played it safe with the starters and went for two of our all time favourites, rosemary stubbed baked Camembert with red onion marmalade and toasted ciabatta and king prawns with lime and sweet chilli salsa.

Both were delicious and the lime and sweet chilli salsa which came with the prawns was particularly tasty.

A suitable amount of time later our mains arrived and I we were so ready to tuck in after the starters stimulated our appetites.

I had chicken breast wrapped in bacon and stuffed with smoked applewood cheese with cider sauce, with chips and veg.

My partner had a dish from the specials board, rib eye steak with garlic crayfish tails with chips and veg.

We both really enjoyed our mains. The cider sauce was sweet and so tasty and went so well with the chicken. The cheese inside the chicken oozed out and was just delicious.

I tried some of my partners main which he was also very pleased with. The steak was cooked perfectly to his taste of medium and the crayfish tails were juicy and tangy. The garlic flavouring was strong but not overpowering.

We felt suitably full after our mains, but not stuffed, and we were determined to try a couple of puddings as the menu again looked very appetising.

One of my partners favourite is creme brulee so when he saw the toffee creme brulee on the menu that made his decision.

It took my fancy too so I convinced him we would share it along with a white chocolate crunch.

The puddings looked impressive when they came out, but my partner still insisted he only wanted the creme brulee.

However after one bite of the white chocolate crunch that became his new favourite.

We both agreed it was like a brick of white chocolate on a biscuit base, which although heavy after a large meal, was right up our street.

Our bill came to just over £68 which we thought wasn't too bad for two three course meals and two drinks, although we did think the drinks themselves were a little pricey with the bottle of cider coming to just under £5 and my Pepsi coming to just under £3.

However we both enjoyed our evening at The Poplars and agreed we would like to return again.

It was only two days later that my partner turned to me and said "I really fancy one of those white chocolate crunches again you know."

Amy Pantall