A NEWLY established charity which provides essential hygiene and clothing to children aged five to 18 is calling on the public to use their service to help young people in need.

Ruksak 45218 takes donations of shampoo, soap, bed sheets and other essential items and packages them up in rucksacks.

They have received lots of donations but are wanting to distribute more care packages.

Rory Donaldson, co-founder of Ruksak 45218 said: "At the present time we have over £6500 worth of items that can be packed into rucksacks, everything from toothbrushes to sanitary items – storage was an issue but that has now been resolved.

"Parents have been advised the service we offer is 100 per cent free and confidential but, many feel they are not able to access the service.

"We just want to make everyone aware, this resource is here, ready and willing to assist."

Please call 01225 767624 for more information.