MENTAL health is an issue that is still not being taken seriously at Trowbridge Health Centre, say people who have recently reached out for help.

Some patients at the new centre have taken to social media to voice their concerns over staff’s apparant dismissal of mental problems and being told they would need to wait over two weeks for an appointment.

Amy Swift Cornish said: “For mental health issues my son had to wait two weeks, as there is only one person at the surgery who deals with it.”

Julie Reid said: “I rang them to say I needed to speak to a GP as I needed more ant-depressants.

“I was told I would have to wait 10 days for a telephone appointment. I explained that I had felt suicidal before and was told that this was not urgent.”

Sara Christy said: “Honestly, we need our separate surgeries back. We also need better to filter out the timewasters.

“I’ve been trying too see one of two doctors for three months now but whenever I try to book neither of them are working for weeks.”

Some people commented to suggest other GP surgeries in the area are more effective in dealing with these issues.

Katrina Teague said: “Change to Roundstone surgery, my son phoned up about needing help with his mental health but it was late on a Thursday.

“They got him the first appointment on Monday morning and said if he truly couldn’t wait until then, phone back the next day as a emergency and he would of been given a appointment that day.”

The Wiltshire Times approached Trowbridge Health Centre for a comment on their policy on mental health support, however they failed to respond before the paper’s deadline.