WOMAD has set the bar for festival litter after 100% of tents were taken home by festival-goers.

Over 39,000 people attended the arts and music fest, and all of them had taken their camping equipment home with them less than 15 hours after techno act Orbital closed the weekend.

Festival director Chris Smith said: "It is our wonderful audience that truly makes WOMAD what it is and year after year we welcome the most enthusiastic, respectful and socially aware crowd who embrace the festival’s ethos wholly.

"To see this image of a completely clean campsite only 12 hours after the last artist stepped off stage makes us very proud, and so to our WOMAD-ers we say thank you and see you in 2020

The fest based at Charlton Park, near Malmesbury, saw over 300 performances and 500+ workshops from 104 artists from 47 countries over the weekend.

Acts ranged from Turkish psychedelia to Sudanese rap and hip hop, keeping the large crowds entertained.