Wiltshire West Scout

Congratulations go to Jennifer Hindes, the Assistant Beaver Scout Leader at 1st Trowbridge and Mary Pomeroy, Scout Active Support Member. They were presented with the Silver Acorn Award by the County Commissioner Steve Barley at the District AGM held at the Jubilee Wood Campsite.

The Silver Acorn is awarded following over 20 years’ service and is awarded for outstanding, exceptional and distinguished service to Scouting.

District Commissioner Christine Broom said: "Jenny has been ABSL since 1997 and takes care of the colony administration. She has a good working relationship with the Beaver leaders, and can take over when the need arises. She arranges ‘taster’ evenings for prospective Beavers which lead to a smooth integration into the Colony.

"In addition to working with the Colony, Jenny helps with the other sections in the Group. Her Group is not in an affluent area and but through fundraising and a sympathetic ear no youngster is denied Scouting. Jenny mentors other Beaver Leaders in the District and has assisted on County Training Modules. She is actively involved when District activities are being organised including orchestrating a successful project at the District Campsite working with the Wiltshire Wild Life Trust. Despite several personal challenges, Jenny has continued to give Scouting an exceptional service over many years.

"Mary has been a member of The Guide Movement for most of her adult life and has been a member of the Scout Association for over 30 years. Mary’s service to the Wiltshire West District and Scouting has been most outstanding and has been shown in many ways. Mary has continued to give exceptional service to the District where she undertakes many tasks to assist and help with the running of the Unit and in particular looks after all of the catering requirements for the many events within the Unit and for events held by various sections within the District. Mary gives her expertise tirelessly when it comes to providing refreshments to the members. Mary attends the District Scout Active Support meetings and assists with the many outings that they have throughout the year."