HULLAVINGTON: Dyson has successfully applied for a temporary car park to be put in place at Hullavington airfield. Parking will now be provided for two hanger spaces used by the firm as research and developments facilities. The temporary car park will be removed after two years, once a permanent parking are has been made.

CALNE: 31 Church Street will be turned from a Chinese restaurant and takeaway to housing. Boards are currently up over Red Dragon Chinese, which had formerly been using the building. Planning officers said: “The ground floor of the building is currently vacant and has been for an extended period of time.

The Agent indicates that the site has had several recent owners using the ground floor as a take away and restaurant, all of which have been unsuccessful. The change of use is proposed as it is regarded as the most viable alternative option for the building.”

MARLBOROUGH: Land at Neverton House in Barnfield will be used to build a four-bedroom detached house. Neighbours have raised concerns that their privacy may be intruded upon but planning officers have allowed plans to go ahead.

As a result of the concerns, one storey of the planned house has been removed and the overall footprint reduced. Marlborough Town Council objects to this application on the grounds of overdevelopment of the site and loss of trees.

Architects speaking on behalf of applicants Hugh and Rachel Norris said: “Whilst the retention of the green garden is desirable, it is not considered that there are sufficient grounds to refuse planning permission on the grounds of the overdevelopment of the site, the impact on the built environment or neighbour amenity.”

WESTBURY: Two homes will be built on land to the back of a house on Station Road. Westbury Town Council did not raise any objections to the housing that will be built on garden land and parking spaces at the home. But neighbour Gabrielle Coles said: "I presently enjoy one of the best views in Westbury from my upstairs bedroom and bathroom, looking over the lake.

"This will be lost, instead my view will be the back of the two new proposed buildings. Surely, with the new estate of 300 houses presently being erected by Linden Homes, the need for two more houses in our area of Westbury is unwarranted.”

MELKSHAM: A garage extension has been approved after plan were resubmitted at a home in Speedwell Close. The two-storey extension can now begin. Officers said: “The proposed extension, being of a modest size and scale and a sufficient distance from the neighbouring properties would cause no significant harm to the neighbour’s amenity levels.”

WESTBURY: (pictured) More than 80 homes will be built in the town after planning was agreed to build 88 houses on land at Station Road.

The reworked plan was submitted by Newland Homes Ltd but still received objection from Westbury Town Council and some neighbours. Neighbour Rachel Stroud labelled the plans ‘a joke’.

She added: “The roads can`t cope with anymore traffic, the schools and health clinic are already struggling and that`s not including the houses being built by Bitham Park.

The area in question is the last piece of `empty` land on Station Road and is very near a sharp corner and a busy junction - the works will cause no end of problems and make more traffic use Trowbridge Road.” 10 of the homes will be built through the affordable housing scheme and offered at shared ownership or affordable rent.

MELKSHAM: The train station car park will be transformedn after plans were approved to expand it and change of use of an administration building to a community cafe with associated external facilities, including a new storage shed.

The extended car park could include an electric car charging point.

When approving the plan, officers said: “This application is the first phase in planned improvements to Melksham Station and it is considered that the employment site is needed to deliver the aspirations for improving the railway station and providing more parking for station users. On balance benefits arise from the proposed improvements to Melksham.”