A CYCLIST from Bradford on Avon played a key role in a Wiltshire team which once again finished runner up in this year's Icarus Cup for human-powered flight.

John Boyce, a member of the Woolley Wheelers cycle club, was proud of his individual performance despite Team Airglow finishing runner up for the second year in succession.

Mr Boyce, 59, of Huntingdon Street, Bradford on Avon, said: "Airglow once again came second due mechanical problems. We were still repairing the aircraft until day five of the competition.

"However, I became the oldest pilot ever to complete the one-kilometre flight, including a 500-metre slalom course.

"I also got fourth place out of 15 in the pilots championship, the top six all being in their twenties. I’m delighted with that at age 59!"

The former ITN cameraman and private pilot was part of Team Airglow from Wiltshire hoping to fly high and win the 2019 Icarus Cup.

This year's competition ended with the USA team Aerocycle (301), who were last year's winner, taking the Icarus Cup and the £1,000 cash prize.

Team Airglow finished with 6,827 points behind Aerocycle (301) with 12,426 points.

This year’s competition took place from July 20-27 Lasham near Basingtstoke - the place where the annual Icarus Cup began in 2012.

The Icarus Cup is run by the British Human Powered Flying Club and the Royal Aeronautical Society in London.

Teams have to complete ten challenge ‘tasks’ including 200-metre and one kilometre time trials, a 500m slalom course, a figure of eight, unassisted take-off, spot landing, and landing on grass.

Airglow has a massive 30 metre wingspan and is made of super-light materials making her very fragile.