A RESIDENT of St Laurence Road has condemned vandals who attacked two planters installed ahead of Bradford on Avon’s South West in Bloom competition entry.

Sheila Davies, 70, said vandals had torn out plants from the two planters and had left them strewn over the pavement.

She said: “It is just mindless vandalism. We have been watering and tending to the planters and to have this happen is so disheartening.”

She also claimed a thief - believed to be a woman walking her dogs - has been stealing plants from the planters late at night.

“She was seen with two small dogs and a carrier bag stealing plants. She appears to be taking out a couple every time.

“It’s been happening over the past two to three weeks and is just so selfish and mean-spirited.”

Another neighbour, Alison Baker, put up a note on a stick in the planter asking the thief not to take the plants but that was also destroyed by the vandals.

Cllr Emma Franklin, of Bradford on Avon Town Council, said: “I am bitterly disappointed by the vandalism of the planters that my father Colin Franklin and I installed to create a beautiful area for the community to enjoy.

"So many locals have complimented them and enjoy the improvement to their environment and added seating.

"Volunteers give so much time, effort and energy to help keep Bradford on Avon clean, tidy and looking its best.

"It’s such a shame that a few individuals feel the need to show disrespect like this and disrupt our wonderful town.”