Plates recovered

THE front and rear registration number plates were stolen from a vehicle in Melksham last Wednesday, August 28. They were recovered a few days later on a grass verge in Westbury.

Vehicle damaged

A YOB smashed the front windscreen of a vehicle parked in Market Place, Melksham, on Saturday and left scratches and dents. The passenger side wing mirror was also wrenched off and damaged.

Purse snatched

A WOMAN’S purse and mobile phone were snatched from her hand by a man who then ran off in High Street, Melksham, at 1.55am last Friday . The grey zip purse contained £10, a credit card, debit card, driving licence and store cards. The phone was a Huawei Make 20 Pro Mobile black metallic with a pink case.

Window smashed

THE rear window of a car parked in King Street, Melksham, was smashed at 00.01 on Sunday.

Glass broken

A window was smashed at premises in Market Place, Melksham, at around 11.55pm on Saturday .

Graffiti sprayed

A VANDAL sprayed graffiti and damaged a wing mirror of a vehicle parked in Queensway, Melksham, overnight on Saturday.

Anti-social behaviour

A GROUP of anti-social yobs were seen smashing stone edging slabs and throwing them into the Forest & Sandridge Primary School grounds in Cranesbill Road, Melksham, on Sunday.