PARENTS and villagers have been saddened by the news that Westwood Nursery School will be closing after more than 35 years.

The nursery which has been struggling to increase its number of children announced this week that it will be closing it’s doors at the end of next week.

The Wiltshire Times understands that the nursery only had 10 children who attended, which was not sustainable for the nursery as a businesses.

Manager Michelle Green said: “We can confirm that they nursery will be closing and we are saddened by this news.”

The nursery committee declined to make any further comment on the closure following a meeting on Tuesday evening.

Many people who have children at the nursery or who attended themselves have taken to social media to comment.

Nic Downes said: “Sad news that Westwood Nursery School is closing.

“I went to that nursery as a child 36 years ago and Rudy loves it there.

“A very sad day for the village.”

Rosie Alty commented: “I’m viewing tiddlywinks tomorrow, such a shame about Westwood.

“We have tried to boost numbers and raise funds however its just not been possible.

Bryony West said: “I’m sad to read this - both my boys went here and enjoyed the lovely setting.”

Tracey Watson said: “So sad, myself and all my children went here.”

Nothing has yet been posted on the nursery’s website or social media sites regarding the closure, however parents of the attending children were informed via email this week, and advised to look for other nurseries to enrol with.