The following people have appeared before Swindon Magistrates Court:


Ryan Clegg, of Whittle Avenue, Calne. The court issued a warrant for his arrest without bail. He is charged with dumping building waste on land at Lower Compton between April 18 and 29 without a licence; depositing household waste on the land without a current waste management permit; transporting controlled waste from Dixon Way in Calne to Lower Compton on or about April 18; and not being registered to carry controlled waste, on or about April 18 transported it from a place with a view to profit.


Anthony Ballard, 28, of Unity Street, Chippenham, was fined £400 and costs of £60 after admitting breaching a community order imposed on March 5 by failing to attend unpaid work sessions on August 14 and failing to provide a reasonable excuse for why he didn't turn up.

James Harwood, 33, of High Street, Lacock. A warrant was issued for his arrest without bail after he failed to comply with the requirement of a community order imposed on July 3. He failed to attend a supervision appointment on July 18 and an unpaid work session on August 10 and failing to provide a reasonable excuse for missing them.


Marcus Pocock, 45, of Long Street, Devizes, was remanded on bail until December 23 after pleading not guilty to a charge of attempting to enter a building, namely HJ Johnson Jewellers, with intent to steal on December 1 2018. He has pleaded guilty to two further charges, namely: possessing a Class B drug (amphetamine) at Devizes on December 1 2018, and stealing four cans of lager and one can of energy drink worth £15.55 from J Sainsbury at Devizes on March 11 2019.


Alfie Harris, 19, of Bristol Street, Malmesbury, admitted a breach of a community order made on November 7 2018 by failing to report as instructed to responsible officer on April 3 and August 7 and failing to provide an excuse for his non-attendance. He was ordered to pay £60 costs and the order was varied. He must now complete 15 hours of unpaid work in the next 12 months and comply with the order before it ends on May 6.


Daniel Hewitt, 36, of Rope Walk, Melksham, was sent to prison for 14 days for non-payment of £485.86 in fines imposed on October 8 2012, while he was already serving a custodial sentence.

Marcus McGuinness, 26, of Bowmans Court, Melksham, was given a 28-day domestic violence protection order, which prevents him from molesting or contacting Alysia McGuinness directly or indirectly, and from going within 200 metres of Bowmans Court. Any child contact must be arranged through Children's Services.

Kris Cooper, 35, of Bath Road, Melksham. The court issued a warrant for his arrest without bail for a breaching a community order made on August 5 for failing to attend induction appointments on August 9 and August 16 and failing to provide evidence of a reasonable excuse for his non-attendance.


Kelvin Osman, 40, of Ushers Court, Trowbridge, admitted stealing a bottle of men's aftershave worth £35 from Boots on February 24. He was given a community order and told to carry out 40 hours of unpaid work within the next 12 months, as well as being told to pay a total of £205 in compensation, victim surcharge and costs.

Mark Parker, 23, of Woolpack Meadows, Trowbridge, was committed to Salisbury Crown Court for sentencing on October 24. He has pleaded guilty to four charges, namely: possessing an offensive weapon (a metal bolt) in a public place in Sheepcote Barton, Trowbridge, on September 22; having a bread knife with him without good reason in a public place on August 17; possessing an offensive weapon (a bottle) in Weavers Drive, Trowbridge, on August 17; and committing a further offence during a suspended sentence imposed by Salisbury Crown Court on May 3 for an offence of possessing an offensive weapon.

Kieran Reilly, 23, of Westborn Road, Trowbridge, was given more time to pay a fine of £615 imposed on January 17. He was told to pay £5 a week, starting on October 21.