STAFF and children at St George's School in Semington wore their finest yellow and green clothes for a non-school uniform day to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

The school was also visited by staff from the charity who spoke to them about how they keep helicopter flying to save lives.

There was also a special appearance from Wiltshire Air Ambulance mascot Wilber the bear.

Head of the school Pip Hunt said: "In order to support our amazing Wiltshire Air Ambulance Service that is based in our village, the children and staff donned their finest yellow and green ensemble.

"One young man went to great lengths for our dress up day and made his own helicopter to wear.

"We raised over £100 which made Wilber the mascot very happy.

"We learnt that it costs £10,000 a day to keep the air ambulance flying and we wanted to do all that we can to make sure it can continue to fly for a long time to come. Well done to everyone."