A SILVER Tiffany bracelet has been found in Bradford on Avon by a woman who is keen to find its owner.

Elizabeth Brown of Woolley Street came across the bracelet lying on the ground near the Co-op shop in Bridge Yard on Thursday, August 29 at around 4pm.

The bracelet is described as having two silver strands and is engraved with three initials on the flip side of the heart pendant.

It is thought it may be a child's bracelet due to its small size.

Mrs Brown said: “I am quite observant with these sort of things and I saw it on the ground and thought maybe it was a piece of paper, but as I approached it I realised what it was.

“I am sure it is worth a bit of money being Tiffany and I would love to return it to its owner as it may be very sentimental.

“I put something on social media but haven’t heard anything.”

If you think the bracelet belongs to you, please email Mrs Brown on eb4822@hotmail.com and quote the three initials engraved on the bracelet pendant.