Window smashed

THE downstairs window of a house in Elmhurst Gardens, Trowbridge was smashed at some point during the early hours of Sunday. It is not known whether entry has been gained to the house.

Car is vandalised

A BRICK was thrown at a car parked in Sparrow Street, Trowbridge at 9.30pm on October 1 which caused scratches to the paint work.

House is entered

ENTRY was gained to an empty house in Polebarn Gardens, Trowbridge during the evening of October 4. Additional patrols are being conducted.

Youth vandals

TWO teenage boys have been seen throwing stones at a house in Kensington Fields, Trowbridge at 6.40pm on September 30.

Wing mirror gone

THE wing mirror on the passenger side of a car was kicked off whilst it was parked in Summerleaze, Trowbridge between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on October 1.

Teens damage car

DAMAGE was caused to a car parked in Lambrok Road, Trowbridge when a group of youths were seen on CCTV kicking the wing mirror between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on October 3.

Car damaged

TWO windows of a car that had broken down on the A361 in Southwick, Trowbridge were smashed between 8.55pm on September 27 and 10pm on October 1. Nothing was stolen from within.

Scooter stolen

A SCOOTER was stolen from outside Budgens, Hackett Place, Trowbridge at 5pm on October 3.