WILTSHIRE Liberal Democrats gearing up for the next General Election have been urged to focus on the party’s core polices when they knock on doors.

Sir Ed Davey, the Lib Dem’s Deputy leader, urged party activists to concentrate on core policies and issues such as the climate change crisis and problems in education.

Sir Edward was speaking on Saturday evening to around 40 Lib Dems from Wiltshire at their annual constituency dinner at Corsham Town Hall.

He spoke of the fear and uncertainty that Brexit had generated in some voters; the Lib Dems are the only campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU and say they will cancel the decision to leave if they win the next General Election.

He told supporters the Lib Dems need to move away from simply talking about Brexit because of the party already has a clear and well-known stance on the issue.

Sir Edward’s visit comes amidst speculation that a snap General Election might be on the horizon in early December.

Ruth Hopkinson, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Wiltshire Council, said: “If people wish to remain in the EU they should vote for us.”

In response to Sir Edwards’s push to talk about other policies she said: ‘It’s what we have always wanted to do but the narrative always goes back to Brexit.”

Sir Edward’s visit to Corsham also helped to raise the profile of Helen Belcher, the Lib Dem’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the Chippenham seat. He praised both her business credentials and campaigning record.

Ms Belcher said afterwards: “It was a real honour to host Ed for the second time this year. People found the evening inspiring and a great boost to our local campaigning, on top of a strong result in the recent Melksham Without South council by-election.”

The Libs Dems are hoping to recapture the seat once held by Duncan Hames, the husband of Lib Dem Party leader Jo Swinson. He held the seat before it was taken by Conservative MP Michelle Donelan.

Asked if she thought the Lib Dems could win in Chippenham, Cllr Hopkinson said: “I do, it wouldn’t be easy, but we have an extremely good chance.”

Lib Dems won the Chippenham seat in 2010 and came second in both the 2015 and 2017 elections. Opinion polls currently point to a close result in Chippenham in any forthcoming General Election.