A PHONE scam has lead to a victim in Trowbridge attempting to transfer £10,000 abroad.

Police are now warning the public to be vigilant when it comes to scammers.

A spokesman from Wiltshire Police said: "Remember scammers often pretend to be from legitimate, well known, national or global companies like banks or utilities providers.

"If in doubt, hang up and phone the company yourself, using a phone number from their official website, yellow pages or letter headed correspondence from them.

"A common scan involves someone calling you up and claiming that there is something wrong with your computer and they can fix it for you. This is a hoax.

"If you think there is a problem with your computer, or you want to buy or update antivirus software, ask advice from the store where you bought it, or ask a trusted computer repair technician that you have contacted yourself.

"Never give control of your computer remotely to a third party over the telephone.

"Some scams or frauds involve online dating. Be very careful about what information you give to someone."