A REPAIR cafe which aims to minimise waste was held by climate friendly Bradford on Avon’s Zero Waste group.

Despite the rain around 20 people came to The Hub in Church Street bringing all sorts of household items to repair.

Volunteer menders helped fix a toaster, a children’s’ waterproof and mittens, a vacuum cleaner and more.

Using specialist tools the volunteers also sharpened and repaired a number of knives, shears and other garden tools.

There were tips on Saturday about how to make the things people buy last longer and how to look after equipment.

Jessica Thimbleby from the town’s Zero Waste group said: “It was lively social occasion with plenty of coffee and cake.

“We would like to say a big thank you to all the fantastic volunteers and everyone who came along.

“Repair Café’s started in Holland in response to our throw away society, encouraging us to fix something before simply replacing it, and to maintain repair skills.

“Broken items can often be replaced for not much more than it costs to fix them but this means we are throwing away the resources used to make the item, the energy used to make it and as there is no ‘away’ we have to find somewhere to put it.

“In Wiltshire it costs around £5 million to send our rubbish to landfill, approximately 15 per cent of our rubbish.”

Following a previous repair cafe this summer organised by The Hub, organisers hope they’ll become a regular event.

Please contact The Hub or Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon if you’re interested in getting involved. Electricians are particularly needed on the volunteer mending team.